The game immediately crashed with "application error" message

This is a message from phone indicating that the application requested a feature that the phone does not support.

First please make sure that your phone supports CLDC/MIDP profile as required by the game. Most our games require MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.0. Find an option "Java profiles", "Phone information" or the like (mostly they are located in the Settings menu) and verify if your phone supports required profiles.

If the phone supports these profiles and you are still getting the "application error" message then it most likely does not provide support for accessing bluetooth from Java (the JSR-82 API). There is no way to detect whether the phone supports the API, therefore we cannot provide informative error message.


I can't connect to the server

First, make sure that bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Mostly you have just to look for the Bluetooth logo somewhere on the screen :)

Second, most phones have some ways to tune the bluetooth subsystem. These options are located in a vendor-specific way, mostly in Options or Settings, then Connections, then Bluetooth. There may be a handful of bluetooth settings so if you have troubles acting as (or connecting to) a server, you may need to tweak these settings. For example, make sure that the bluetooth power-saving feature is turned off (if you have such an option) - it may upgrade the performance of the subsystem. All our games use phone name to identify players so you may change the phone name aswell.

You may need to change the bluetooth visibility of the phone to 'discoverable'. Generally, it is good to check that critical settings are set to least-restrictive value.


Server allows only several concurrent connections

Most mobile phones allows only up to 7 connections. That means that at most 8 players (7 clients + 1 server) can play at one time. Older phones may allow only up to 3 connections or the like, so please make sure you are using the most advanced phone as a server. This may also improve performance of the game as the server is more processor power hungry as clients.

To get the number of concurrent connections that your phone supports, you have to run the application and get to the connection form. On this form, there is a number in square brackets right next to your phone name. This is the number of maximum concurrent bluetooth connections your phone can handle at same time.

On some phones there is a power saving option. This option, when enabled, may allow only a single Bluetooth connection, hence if you plan to act as a server, you have to de-activate this power saving.

Some phones cannot handle many bluetooth connections well and they drop clients arbitrarily. We are working on auto-reconnect functionality.