Download instructions

BTLib package is a J2ME Bluetooth library useful when developing applications for Java, Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. It is NOT a standalone J2ME application - please do not download it into your mobile phones, it will not work.

The other packages are individual applications utilizing BTLib. You can download any of them and run it in your mobile device.

To use any of the applications, you need both .jad and .jar files loaded into your mobile device.

All packages are licensed under GPL. In case you would like to get the sources, either download plain *-sources.jar or get the complete Eclipse project in * .


You can find all project downloads here .

  • ibtu-version-me.jar and ibtu-version-me.jad - game/application files directly downloadable to your mobile phone. You may use WML page located at to download games/applications directly from your phone browser.
  • - zipped Eclipse projects, see Eclipse tutorial for further information.
  • ibtu-version-sources.jar - zipped project sources.

How to fetch the game into your phone

There are several ways on how to install the application into your phone.

  • You can download the application from the internet. Just point your phone to this WAP page:
  • You can transfer both the jad/jar files over an USB cable, infra port or the like. Just put them into the same directory, then find them in your phone browser and select Install from the popup menu.
  • Transfer jar file over a bluetooth connection (the so-called OBEX transfer). You need to have an integrated bluetooth support (now common in laptops), or a USB bluetooth dongle. The phone should directly offer to install the application. Some older phones does not accept this way of application transfer and may print something like Unsupported file type .