About the project

The project's aim is to have fun while developing multi-client mobile applications communicating via bluetooth. We intend to develop some demo applications like a simple chat, some old-school games like cervii etc. We are developing a bluetooth library called BTLib to ease the development of such applications. Finally, our aim is to enable J2ME project building with Maven2.


Here you may find some more-or-less useful applications that uses Bluetooth for communication.

  • I Bluetooth You - a play on famous ICQ shortcut. A simple talker between a limited number of devices only, communicating purely via Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth Battleship is a Battleship game clone for mobile devices.
  • Cervii - a multiplayer Snake/Nibbles like game.
  • BTLib package is a J2ME Bluetooth library usefull when developing applications for Java, Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. It is not a standalone J2ME application itself, it is intended to be embedded into other J2ME applications.