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Release 0.2 - 10.2.2007

The project is released to the public.joodas

Release 0.3 - 22.2.2007

Moved all commands and the input box from ibtu to history canvas. Canvas now enters the input box on any key pressed.joodas
Removed OK command from splash screen and made it dismiss on any key pressed.joodas
Removed unused DataByteWriter.vyzivus
ConnectorCanvas introduced.joodas
String item labels are now passed to connector form constructor.joodas
Labels passed from IBTU changed to mimic IRC.joodas

Release 0.3.1 - 25.2.2007

Switched to CLDC1.0 platform.vyzivus
Removed unused ISplashDrawer class left behind the splash screen removed from the history canvasjoodas
Modified error messages to give user accurate information and advice her to check the device settingsjoodas